-- VERSION : 2.60 --

- Possibility to save several data from different stamps,
- Possibility to stamp at the bottom of the pages,
- Possibility to define an increment for the pages to be stamped.
-- VERSION : 2.50 --
- Possibility of defining intervals in the case of partial stamping (Page (s) button),
an interval is defined with the > character, so you can enter the following text: 5>8-10-12-15>18
which will have the effect of stamping the pages numbered 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18 of the deposited document,
- Possibility to have a frame for the type 1 stamp,
- Possibility of having triple numbers: 1-1-1 for example (previously the number could only contain one - or.)
- Ability to add text at the end of the file name,
- The .pdf termination is removed from the stamped part list,
- Ability to display this list (Edit menu -> List of pieces),
- And select and copy all or part of the list,
- Fixed a display bug in Windows 10,
- Fixed bug with annotated pdf.

-- VERSION : 2.40 --
In type 2 (round) stamps, you can insert the page number and / or the number of pages in the stamp.
For this kind of stamp, the 4th line of data is now active and allows to manage this new possibility.

Examples :

Here the data of the 4th line are:

#n page(s)
4th line data:

Page #i/#n

and the option "All pages" is checked.
Stamp of the 3rd page.

-- VERSION : 2.30 --
Choice of the prefix of the names of the buffered files (instead of Piece),
Ability to number with letters and mix numbers and letters,
Ability to apply a height offset (Delta Y) to the buffer position,
Ability to rotate the pad at an angle chosen by the user,
Replacing the alert indicating the file (s) created by an (less intrusive) indication in the e.Tampon window,
Changing the naming procedure for files with composed number:
For example, a multiple page stamped file 14-1, 14-2, etc. will be named "Piece 14 - ..." and not "Piece 14-1 - ..."
Choice of the incrementing mode of the composed number for a new piece,
Export the list of created files to the general clipboard when the application is closed.
-- VERSION : 2.20 --
Add 2 positions for the stamp : intermediate between left and center and intermediate between center and right
The choice of destination folder is saved within the preferences
Application is available in English
-- VERSION : 2.10 --
Possibility of not change the name of the stamped files (by default "Piece X -" is added)
This feature implies when the destination folder of the stamped files is different from the folder containing the files to be numbered.
Ability to stamp only certain pages of a document if the pdf file contains several parts (their numbers must follow each other)
-- VERSION : 2.00 --
Possibility to use numbers which are in the form of 1.1 or 1-1
to enumerate the pages of a pdf document
with possibility to increase the number, 1.1 then 1.2, 1.3 etc ...
The round (s) of the stamp may be transparent or not
Possibilty to choose destination folder for the numbered pdf documents