Question on dimension lines

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Question on dimension lines

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A new user which is not yet registered on the forum ask me this question :
"Is there any way to enlarge and set dimension lines so they are heavier weight and easier to see?
Can arrow points be set not to change back to default?"

The answer is yes.

As other tools with 2 points at the right-bottom of its icon, the default parameters of dimension lines can be changed.
When you do that, the changes apply only on objects created with the tool after you do the changes.
Do a 2x tap on the icon of the Dimension lines tool :
- Select the kind of arrow that you want,
- Tap on "Line and text attributes"
- select the width of the line (path), the font and the size of texts that you want

It's all !

Dwight, say me if this response is OK for you.

Eric Pousse
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Re: Question on dimension lines

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Yes, thank you.
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