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2D CAD software for iPhone and iPad
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Hello all,
I check into the forum on occasion and noticed that there haven't been any recent posts. Eric do you plan any updates in the near future? Hope all is well I really enjoy the app and look forward to future enhancements.
Eric Pousse
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Re: No new posts

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Bonjour Envirominer3,

Yes, all is well, thank you.
But I am very busy with my (real) job.
I don't live with iPocket Draw and RealCADD.
And now there is CAD software for free for computers so that will be harder.
Also I have sold a licence of the source code of iPocket Draw to include it in a specific software for iPad with some code to write for special functions and tools. So this takes me some time.
Coding is more an hobby for me, so I will continue it.

Thanks again.
Eric Pousse
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