New user, need help

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New user, need help

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I am trying out IPocket Draw for my application, but have not been able to figure out how to create polygons from dimensions. I measure houses and external structures and need to accurately draw that image and fill the fill it with a color. I have not seen a way to draw a line, connect line segments, and combine into a shape that can be filled. I'm sure there is a way, but have been unable to find it so far. Please help.
Eric Pousse
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Re: New user, need help

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In the menu Action, you have a command "Convert to polygon".
So select the lines you want and call this command : all lines which are connected are converted to polygon(s).
The lines must be exactly connected but with the attraction it is easy to do.
If the result is more than one polygon, it is because some vertex are not connected.

If you use hatch or texture, you don't have to convert to polygon, you can draw a hatch or a texture directly on a set of lines which are connected.
But to fill with a color you must because color is attached to an object with an area.
Eric Pousse
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