Update v1.921: Changes to New Drawing

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John W
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Update v1.921: Changes to New Drawing

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I am about ready to give up! I did as you suggested, mailed my drawing (Seminary Site Plan) to myself, deleted and reinstalled v1.921, opened up the drawing from my email attachment. Didn't solve my dimension and scale issues. (Also see comments below)

Part 2: Next step was to start over with a new drawing.
-First I established my settings:
1. Titled new drawing: Garden Site Plan
2. Set Preferences: Units = ft in/, Accuracy = 1/16, Angles = degrees, Scale = 1/25, Handles = 25 pix..
3. Set Grid: x= 12, y= 12, divisions = 12, Snap = 0.05.
4. Set font: Chalkboard 12.

-Second, Started new drawing: (Sun. 2/17/13)
1. All is working well......!
2. Started adding dimensions. Noticed that dimension that contained a "0" (zero) did not display the zero ie.
3' 0" was is displayed as 3' ". I had to modify the text to add the zero.
3. Composed the drawing off & on throughout the day. All was working well, "settings" remained as I set them
even though I closed and opened the drawing multiple times during the day.
4. Closed the draw for the day and put iPad on charge.

-Third, Opened drawing "Garden Site Plan" (Mon. 2/18/13)
1. Checked Preferences to verify settings. Some settings changed!
a. Units, Accuracy, Angles, Scale, Handles: No Change.
b. Grid (Most settings changed): x = 6.something???, y = 6.something???, divisions remained at 12 (no
c. Snap = 1.something??? (changed)
2. Began verifying object scale and dimension scale on drawing. Everything, all, changed! ie.:
a. An object that was originally drawn at dx=3' 0" changed to dx=1.64. Using the dimension tool what was
displayed as 3' " is now displayed as 1' 7 5/8".
b. An object that was originally drawn at dy=6.125 changed to dy=3.34. Using the dimension tool again,
what was displayed as 6' 1 1/2" is now displayed as 3' 4 1/16".

-And Finally, Attachments and Other Comments:
1. Eric I am attaching, with comments, my drawing "Garden Site Plan" herein. I will also email it to you.
2. Going back to the opening paragraph here, after I opened "Seminary Site Plan" from email and started
working on that drawing (making changes and adding new objects), I went back to my email attachment and
reopened the original drawing "Seminary Site Plan". What resulted by doing this was my newly modified
"Seminary Site Plan" was replaced with the old (original) version of the drawing. All changes and
all modifications to the new drawing,with the same name, were lost! There should be a warning message
that indicates that an older version exists and asks if you want to replace it.
3. Just found out that I can't attach a drawing here. Please check your email. Thanks!

Hope that you can help resolve my drawing issues.

John W
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