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More about Layers

Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 11:30 pm
by debenriver
Hi Eric

I suppose it's only on my special bug finding mac, that Layers act very strangely. I have verified the disk etc. reset the PRAM and so on. No change.

If I boot up RealCADD the untitled file that opens will have Layer0 Scale 1/1 (and Line width will be whatever is the second line width is in my list of line widths - 0.5 at the moment), even though I always draw at 0.1.

I make a simple file (anything.rcad) with one Layer (Layer0) and set the scale to 1:10, set the line width to 0.1, draw several objects, and save it several times. Then quit RealCADD.

Then reopen realCADD and open anything.rcad, Layer 0 will be at 1:1 scale - not 1:10 and the default line width will be the second in my list (0.5), not the line width I was using for the drawing – if I click on an object, then it goes to that object's line width – but if I immediately draw a new object it will draw at 0.5 and 1:1 scale.

Now, I correct Layer0 to 1:10 and 0.1 line width. I create a second layer (Layer1) at 1:10 scale and draw some objects at line width 0.1. So now I have Layer1 at 1:10 and Layer0 at 1:10. both with objects at 0.1 line width.

I save it. I quit RealCADD. I reopen RealCADD and reopen anything.rcad. Layer1 is at 1:10 scale OK, though the line width is at 0.5, so if I draw a new object it will be at 1:10 scale OK but not at my 0.1 line width. Layer0 however is at 1:1 scale (and at 0.5 line width) and if I draw an object it will be at 1:1 scale.

So, I correct the Layer0 scale and the line width. Save several times. Then I drag Layer1 to be below Layer0. So now I have Layer0 at 1:10 and Layer1 at 1:10, both with objects at 0.1 line width. Save. Quit. Reopen and I now have two Layer0's, the bottom one of which is at 1:1 scale - and both are at 0.5 line width.
Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 19.16.46.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 19.16.46.png (32.08 KiB) Viewed 1618 times
So it's the last layer in the list (or the only layer) that does the changing. It's nothing to do with what's in the layers or anything like that. If I have ten layers, whichever one I drag to be the last layer will be the one that changes to Layer0 and scale 1:1

Very puzzling. I wish you could replicate it!!

Cheers -- George

Edit Actually after I had been saving a lot at 1:10 scale, the default file that opens when you reopen RealCADD after a quit is at 1:10, though the line width is at the second width on my list, not the first one. In this respect I do think it would be worthwhile to be able to set default parameters (like scale, line width, text size etc.) in Preferences so that a new drawing opened with those if you wanted it to. The last layer still changes to Layer0 at 1:1 scale. Cheers -- George

Re: More about Layers

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 8:00 am
by Eric Pousse
Bonjour George,

I am so sorry but I can only reproduce the problem with the line width.

Are you doing this with b11?

Can you send me your "RealCADDPrefV4.90" file (in Library/Application Support/RealCADD), please?
With it, I will be in the same configuration as you.
Also can you redo your example from scratch to the drawing with 2 layers and saving it at each step (without quitting) and save and quit after you change the order of layers, and reopen the file and if you have the problem, save it again, send me all the saved files at each step, please?
I want to see if the problem occurs when the file is writing or reading.

Thank you very much.

Re: More about Layers

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 1:49 pm
by Eric Pousse
Bonjour George,

Perhaps it is the last beta for 4.90...RealCADD4.90b12


Re: More about Layers

Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2018 12:36 pm
by debenriver
Hi Eric

Well 12 is quite a nice number!

Ant it seems to have solved all the Layers problems and be very stable :mrgreen:

By the way - b11 was stable as you suggested, provided the Layers pallet was kept open.

Many thanks