RealCADD 4.90

2D CAD software for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
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RealCADD 4.90

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RealCADD 4.90 is now available (only for recent OS) :
The news are :
- Convert lines to polygons or splines, with a choice of the number of segments
- Polygon to spline conversion
- Choice of arrows, dots and colors with menus instead of pallets
- Colors' menu improved – basic colors and greys expandable to full color spectrum pallet
- Arrows now on polygons and splines as well as lines
- Different arrows now possible at each end
- Additional arrow shapes: square, rhombus. Also multiple arrows (all shapes and styles)
- When resizing, option to scale arrows as well as text
- Direct editing of arrows on selected objects (like iPocket Draw)
- Drawing of arrows improved, where possible using a polygon instead of lines.
- Increased number of hatches and textures available
- Hatches with a second angle and its own deltas
- Optimization of textures

To download it

Eric Pousse
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