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Hi Eric

With v. 5.00b1 there is a bug with Hatches (and Textures):

A hatch or texture (any pattern) comes out as Colour: white; Line thickness: 0...

Line thickness goes to 0... regardless of both the default for the drawing and the Line thickness set on the Hatch window.

And worse - Line thickness stays at 0.... unless you actually go and change it, so defeating the default.

Cheers -- George :D

Edit: And the ability to draw a perpendicular from an end point, centre point or intersection (using Option-Space) seems not to work any more? :( After hitting Option-Space, it picks up the end point, centre point or intersection OK but the subsequent line isn't restrained to be perpendicular to the original line.
Eric Pousse
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Re: Bug!

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Bonjour George,

Thank you for this feedback, I will check.

Eric Pousse
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