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Re: Color

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I have crashed the Color Picker only one time while I do many tests and restarts...
And I don't have response on the forum about Xojo.
Can you try to test HighDesign from
It is also a CAD software written with Xojo.
To display the color picker click on the 3thd button ont the top of the window and then on the colored wheel on the top right.

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Re: Color

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Hi Eric

OK - I tried HighDesign LT.

When I first tried the color picker it worked fine. No crashes.

I binned all the colours in the little boxes at the bottom and quit and did a computer restart.

Opened HighDesign, drew a rectangle and attempted to select a fill color. I used the Color Wheel. As soon as I moved the little picker tool, my rectangle filled with colour. But as I dragged the big colour box (bottom left) to the first of the little ones to store my colour – it crashed completely. In exactly the same way as in RealCADD.

Once I re-opened the program it worked fine again. I do have the crash report.

AND – strangely enough RealCADD has been working OK with the Color Picker over the last day or so! In contrast to when I first reported it: it crashed reliably every time then!

Looks like an Xojo bug ....?

Cheers -- George

Uh-oh: I binned all the little colours again, set the fill to No Fill and the picker to FFFFFF and quit HighDesign. Booted up RealCADD, drew a rectangle and tried to fill it using the Color Picker – With RealCADD, the object doesn't fill with colour as you move the little picker tool about like it does in HD. Anyway – as soon as I dragged my colour to the little boxes RealCADD crashed immediately!! First time for several days!

The two crash reports look pretty much the same to me - but I don't know how to read them :?:
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