Still having a bit of text trouble

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Still having a bit of text trouble

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Hi Eric

I'm having a bit of trouble with text again.

On my drawings there are often quite long lists of things with, several columns (which are separate blocks of text – might be sail dimensions for example, or numbered notes. The first column often has a heading. Notes for example are two blocks of text


1. Here's the first note .....
2. Second note ..... etc

Or sail areas are three blocks of text


Luff 6265 mm
Leech 4600 mm
Foot 3180 mm
Area 7.040 m²


With the sail areas, the second column is usually right justified and the other two left justified. I keep the units column separate because when you add in US customary units, they are difficult to align otherwise (2' 6" ft² lbs gals etc) and anyway if they are part of the second column they would be right justified, so the numbers would all be uneven.

To vertically align the columns I usually have two empty returns at the top of the second and subsequent columns – then I can align by the top. But with the new version, if I do this the first digit/letter in the second and third columns will be missing. So the first note above would read "ere's the first note" and luff of the mainsail would read "265" not 6265. And so on.

If I take the two blank returns out, the first digit/letter appears again, but then I get a lot of trouble aligning the columns, putting extra spaces in and so on – as this little movie demonstrates I've taken out the two blank returns at the top of the second and third columns, but the spacing has gone all awry so the texts don't line up horizontally. I've added spaces in the second column and am now trying to add the necessary spaces in the third column.

And here's a shot of the first digit being missing with two returns above it:
text.jpg (60.64 KiB) Viewed 2207 times
The Mainsail P dimension should read 3520 mm (and it does if you move the text tool over the block of text) instead of 520 m. If I take away the two blank returns it reads 3520 mm correctly, but the horizontal spacing is all awry.

Otherwise the new rich text is great!

Cheers -- George
Eric Pousse
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Re: Still having a bit of text trouble

Post by Eric Pousse »

Bonjour George,

Sorry but I don't understand exactly the problem.
Can you send me the file, please?

Eric Pousse
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