A few requests and questions!

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A few requests and questions!

Post by debenriver » Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:38 pm

Hi Eric

A couple of questions:

I see there is "fusionner" in the action menu. I was thinking that this was the equivalent of the old clariscad 'join' command, whereby if you selected one line on a set of connected lines it zapped along until it found an unconnected line. Very useful for making polygons from joined lines when you have several different polygons made into lines but only want to re-join one of them – a common occurrence on boat design where you have lots of polylines close to each other. But I can't make it do anything!

There is also an "intersection" but I can't make this do anything and it is dimmed out.

Do these have a function yet? Or just getting ready to have a function?

Another question: If I edit a hatch or texture, how do I get the edited hatch or texture to be part of the menu set? I save them but they don't seem to replace the default version.

And one request: Is it possible sometime to have better curve drawing facility - a nurb or bezier type curve. One that can be smoothed and unsmoothed. And one that can pass through a series of predefined points.

So, for example, I could draw a polygon (through a series of points by using "attraction" if I wanted to) and then smooth it – so that it passed through the points or also alternatively so that the control points were on the points but the curve didn't necessarily pass through the points.

The most useful (for me that is) is that the smoothed polygon passes through the points. The ability to smooth it and then if necessary unsmooth it to adjust a point is very useful. The existing curve drawing tool doesn't seem to draw very smooth curves somehow, specially when they are not very curvy, however hard I try!

And it would be really good to be able to add or take away points (vertexes)


Eric Pousse
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Re: A few requests and questions!

Post by Eric Pousse » Wed Sep 26, 2012 7:20 pm

Bonjour George,

Sorry, I don't seen your post.
You have the commands "Fusionner " and "Intersection" because you use a beta version. This is commands on which I began to work but not finished.

To edit a hatch or a texture and save it into the menu, you have to use the menu "Edit" -> "Hatch" or "Texture".

It is possible to add and remove points from a polygon.
To add a point, select the polygon, take and drag a point with the key "Alt" or "Option" down.
To remove a point, simply take and drag it on the previous or the next point. When the polygon is deselected, RealCADD tests the points and removes those which are on others.

Eric Pousse

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