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getting started

Post by PorpoiseSeeker » Sat Jun 08, 2013 12:51 am

My first project is to design a faceplate for a data acquisition device that fits into a Pelican 1400 case.

I have the dimensions of the faceplate and have successfully made that and wish to put it on layer 0.

Next I wish to place 10 holes for 6-32 machine screws that fasten the plate and put those on layer 1

I purchased a plastic ring with 6-32 inserts that attaches to the inside of the case and provides a means to attach the faceplace. I have the dimension of a rectangle that goes through the centers of all 10 fasteners and have drawn that but it is not obvious how to get it assigned to layer 1. I have tried various combinations of clicking the layer boxes, but it always looks as if everything is on layer 0.

Next I want to put the 10 holes at the correct locations, but now I cannot figure out how to put a .140 circle centered on my construction line and at some specific offsets from say the left edge.

The next challenge is to get outline drawings for Neutrik XLR connectors that are industry standards and readily available but not yet on RealCADD. Where do we get a library of such items?

Eric Pousse
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Re: getting started

Post by Eric Pousse » Sat Jun 08, 2013 9:05 am

Bonjour Gary,

In RealCADD, you have many help tags which are displayed when the cursor of the mouse stays a little time over buttons, labels, etc.
In the layers pallet, on top right, there is A V C. This labels have help tags. A means Active, V Visible and C Color.
So the active layer is that with the button under the A checked.
Objects are drawn on the active layer.
If you want put objects on another layer that that on which they are, you can cut and paste them.
When you paste objects, they are put on the active layer.
But when you duplicate objects or create parallels, the new objects are on the same layer that the original objects.

To place objects at a specific point, you have sometimes to create them on another point and move them after with the command "Duplicate and move..."

Eric Pousse

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