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Help with Library

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I have a slight problem with my Library.

I noticed that a lot of items weren't showing up – so I looked in the library and the ones that weren't showing didn't have .rcad extension. And their icon was this, instead of the RealCADD icon:
Screenshot 2021-01-14 at 16.48.03.png
Screenshot 2021-01-14 at 16.48.03.png (113.24 KiB) Viewed 10516 times
So ... I added .rcad extension to all those like that. And then they showed up in the Library OK. All good!!

However, when I put them at scale (checking the "Put at scale" box), they do indeed scale themselves correctly. But in the Edit paanel, they show at their original drawn scale. E.g. if I put at scale an item drawn at 1:1 into a 1:20 drawing, it scales to 1:20 OK – but it shows as 1:1 in the Edit panel.

Items that still had the .rcad extension (and icon) in the library scale correctly and show the correct scale in the Edit panel.

And in v 4.91b3 the items that I changed to .rcad extension also scale correctly and show the correct scale. All the v however behave as above.

It's not a big deal now I know that they are scaling correctly – and as long as I correct the scale in the Edit panel everything is OK and I don't have mixed scales on the drawing– but I am a little puzzled as to why this has happened??

Cheers -- George
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