Perpendicular snap

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Perpendicular snap

Post by Mikerosen »

I've drawn a line, any line. I want to draw another line from that one.

With Perpendicular Snap active, the line lights up when I contact it, so I can start my new line. But, it only draws perpendicular to the original line. (duh)

If Perpendicular Snap is not active, I get an indication for end, middle, and intersection point, but nothing if I want to start somewhere else on that line. And I seem to have lost my cursor changing to reflect where I am: center, end point, etc.

I've just upgraded to 5.2, but this was the same in earlier versions.
Mike Rosen
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Re: Perpendicular snap

Post by debenriver »

Hi Mike

Not quite sure of the problem. But to draw a perpendicular from an end point, center point or intersection, first move the cursor until the perpendicular icon appears. Then hit Shift P and move to a center point, an end point or an intersection – and you will draw a lines from that point perpendicular to the original line.

Is that what you are asking?

Cheers -- George
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