RealCADD 4.70

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RealCADD 4.70

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RealCADD 4.70 is now available, here.

The news are :
- Objects on which there is an attraction are highlighted
- Attraction on Surface now works on all objects
- The kind of attraction is displayed with a label
- The Edit pallet has been modified to navigate between selected objects
- And to remove a point(s) of selected polygon and spline
- The Tools pallet can be opened always (not only when the cursor is above it)
- When the selected tool has options, you can also display them by hitting the key "space"

Example of a line created from point A to the intersection of an other line and a rectangle :
The 2 objects on which there is the attraction are highlighted and the kind of the attraction is displayed.

The new Edit pallet :
Here 4 objects are selected and you can navigate between them with the Image
The data of the 3rd are displayed and the object is highlighted.
Because it is a polygon (or a spline), some other controls are available :
to navigate between the points of this object, here the points 4 and 5 are displayed and can be removed with the buttons -
Result by hitting the button - at the level of x4 :


Many thanks to the beta testers !
Eric Pousse
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