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Groups and sub-groups

Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2020 6:51 am
by Eric Pousse

A new user asked me if it is possible to ungroup a few objects from a group without ungrouping the whole.
There is no such command.
If the initial group was done at one time, it can only be ungrouped entirely.
On the other hand, as the objects remain selected, it will be easier to deselect the object (s) to be removed from the group (shift + click) then to group the others again. So there is no need to select them again to group them.

But in RealCADD, groups are hierarchical, that is, a group can contain one or more groups and single objects.
And if in the construction of the drawing, it is foreseeable that objects will be removed from a larger group, it suffices to make a first group with them then to group this first group with the objects which will be ungrouped later.
The manipulations will be facilitated.

VoilĂ !