Problem with DXF

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Problem with DXF

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Hi Eric.

I have a drawing that saves to DXF ok but won't reopen back to RealCADD. I have to force quit. In fact it won't open from DXF in FreeCAD, which I downloaded to test to see if it's a RealCADD opening DXF problem or general – it would seem it's a general problem with the saved DXF somewhere

It's a big drawing and in DXF it saves at 25.5 MB In RealCADD it's 6.9 MB Is size the problem??

I've tried getting rid of any zero-length objects and empty strings (there were a few) – didn't make any difference.

I tried getting rid of all the text – because I wondered if rich text was causing the problem – didn't make any difference.

I tried saving it to DWG – same problem, saved OK but wouldn't open again. It was a lot smaller at 10.1 MB

I copied and pasted a small part of the drawing to a new drawing (517 KB in RealCADD), saved that to DXF. RealCADD opened that OK (bit slow but it did it) 2.1 MB in DXF. Text was a bit screwy but all there

I tried saving an older (2014) RealCADD drawing (1.4 MB) to DXF and then opened it back in RealCADD. No problem. DXF file was 3.6 MB.

In terms of physical size (rather than memory) the 2014 drawing is A1 (594 x 841) and the drawing I can't open after saving to DXF is Arch D (610 x 914) – so pretty much the same size piece of paper – thought the RealCADD is almost 5 times more in memory terms on the new drawing.

What do you think the problem is??

Cheers -- George
Eric Pousse
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Re: Problem with DXF

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Bonjour George,

Can you send me this file, please?

Eric Pousse
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