Double-click tool selection

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Double-click tool selection

Post by debenriver »

Hi Eric

I wonder if it would be useful to change the tool selection so that a single click on a tool selected it for one use only, while a double click selected it for continuous use (until another tool was selected).

I think this single/double click wouldn't want to apply to the Arrow select tool though.

Tool selection by keystroke would remain as now. It would only apply to mouse click selection.

A double click would produce a darker tool icon background than a single click (or maybe a colour background – say yellow?) so that you knew where you were.

What tends to happen (to me anyway) with the current set-up is that, having finished, say, drawing a line, I want to select something else and I click on the drawing – but of course this actually draws a new line, often of zero length, which either has to be deleted if you notice it, or the drawing has to be cleaned up later via Special Select.

It could perhaps be a selectable option in Preferences (ok - Settings with the latest OS! - personally I think Preferences was a much better term....).

Just a thought.

Cheers -- George
Eric Pousse
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Re: Double-click tool selection

Post by Eric Pousse »

Bonjour George,

Why not !
But there is already some ways to select the Arrow tool :
- By pressing the Esc key,
- By clicking (one or two this depending the preference of drawing mode) with a tool without moving the mouse.

Eric Pousse
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