e.Tampon : Digital stamp for pdf files

** RECALL **

The downloaded file is a compressed archive that you must unpack (right click and "Extract all ..." on Windows) to use e.Tampon.
If you have a "Failed to locate Framework DLL" error, it is because you tried to run e.Tampon from the compressed archive.
On macOS with Safari, the decompression is done automatically if not a double-click does


e.Tampon allows you to enumerate easily your pdf files

directly, without printing, without a quality loss

e.Tampon has only one window that appears as below at its first launch :

Many interface elements (button, checkboxes, etc.) have context-sensitive HelpTags.
To display them, place the mouse cursor on it and wait about 1 second, for example

Two types of stamp are available.
For the first, you can have up to 6 lines of text arranged under the number.
For the second, only 4, the line 1 is rounded up, the 2 is rounded down and the 3 horizontal.
As the data is entered and the choices made,
the drawing of the buffer is updated in the lower part of the window :

You can now use the buffer, simply by dragging and dropping the pdf file to number.
Here the document "Guide pratique DTU 20.1 et 20.13.pdf" has been dropped on the window e.Tampon
and a new file "Piece 1 -
Guide pratique DTU 20.1 et 20.13.pdf" was created on the desktop.
An alert informs you :

The original file is not modified.
The number is automatically incremented.
If you drop several files at the same time, they are numbered in alphabetical order of their names.
The same screen with the second type of stamp, an angle of 20 and the font "Courier" :

Without changing the initial setting of the program, if the pdf document has several pages, only the first one is numbered.
But of course, the new document has all the pages.

Below, the top of the first page of the document used, original version then with the 2 kind of stamps :

many options allow e.Tampon to adapt to each particular case :

You can change the destination of your stamped pdf files by clicking the "Destination" button.
This displays a dialog that allows you to choose the folder (or directory) where your stamped pdf files will be saved.
Below the folder (or directory) "Stamped pdf files" was chosen

The check box "Add" and the following editable textfield allow the setting of the names of the stamped files.
If the file names are not changed, the destination folder of the
stamped files must be different from the folder containing the files to be stamped.
Otherwise "Piece X -" is still added

The stamp can be placed lower on the page and / or rotated with Delta Y and Angle values:

Other options are specific for multi-page documents :

By default (no checked option), only the first page of pdf documents is stamped.
But you can choose to check (and stamp) "All pages" and possibly "and increment".
If both options are checked, all pages of the pdf file will be stamped and numbered
from the specified number and incrementing automatically.
This scenario is useful for type 1.1 or 1-1 numbers.
In this case, the second part of the numbering is incremented in the document.

With the second option line, you tell e.Tampon which pages to number in the document :

Here, pages 2, 10, 11, 15 and 25 will be numbered respectively N, N + 1, N + 2, N + 3 and N + 4.
The separative character is exclusively "-".
This is useful if a pdf document consists of several parts.

The improvements made to e.Tampon are requests from its users.
Also, if e.Tampon does not exactly meet your needs, do not hesitate to offer me more.

Version 2.70 of e.Tampon has improved the management of stamping a group of files by displaying the list of received files.
A group of several files can be selected via the menu "File" -> "Stamp pdf file(s)..."
or by dragging and dropping on the main window of e.Tampon a group of pdf files.
The images below show the list as received by the system and then ordered with the  Ordering the list" button:

In the background is displayed the first part number requested: 15
The option  Remove the 2 first characters" is activated and the list of stamped pieces is obtained:

e.Tampon is available for Windows and Macintosh.

At the price of a physical stamp and some ink refills,

that is to say for only $62.

The purchase is made only via Paypal :

You will also find the link for purchase in e.Tampon's "About ..." dialog :

Try it to make sure it meets your needs.
Before payment, e.Tampon inscribes a watermark in addition to the stamp.

After receiving your payment, we will send you the code to unlock your e.Tampon.
Please note it can take 12 to 24 hours to send the code.
This code is to be entered with the dialogue below obtained with the "Unlock" button of the "About ..." dialog :

Once the code is entered and validated, the "Buy" and "Unlock" buttons are hidden
and your stamped pdf files no longer have a watermark, of course.