iPocket Draw 2.06

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iPocket Draw 2.06

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Version 2.06 of iPocket Draw is pending validation at Apple.
It should be quickly available.
The new features are:
- Editing dots and arrows of an object selected from the "Attributes" window
- Ability to import library files
- Added edition of ellipses and circles by their center and radii
- Taking transparency into account when importing vector objects from pdf files
- Optimizations and bug fixes

The edition of the dots and arrows from the "Attributes" window is done by a double "click" (tap) either on the drawing of the type of dotted line or on the drawing of the type of arrow.
The import of a library file is done with the button "Import" (arrow entering a square) already present on the window "Files" and now also available on the window "Library".
Editing ellipses and circles by their center and radius is done with a new button in the "Attributes" window (visible only if an ellipse or a circle is being edited).

Your suggestions for improvement are of course always welcome.

Eric Pousse
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