The menu "Action" :

This menu is active only when at least an object is selected.

Certain sub-menus (Align, Distribute, Group...) are active only if several objects are selected.
As its name indicates it, it allows to launch an action on the selected objects:
- To duplicate the selected objects.
- To duplicate and move the selected objects.
- To carry out an effect of horizontal or vertical mirror.
- To swivel the objects “Rotation…”
- To make a symmetry with an axis.
- To align the selected objects
- To distribute the selected objects
- To carry out a scaling of the selected objects “Scale…”.
- To add the length and the surface of the objects selected in the form of texts in the drawing.
- To group or ungroup selected objects.
- To lock or unlock objects.
- To carry out parameterized parallels.
- To hatch the objects. Function with multiple selections
- To fill the objects with a texture “Textures…”. Function with multiple selections
- To cut and/or prolong the lines with other objects.
- To cut and/or prolong lines between them.
- To divide objects.
- To convert the objects selected into lines.
- To convert the objects selected into polygons.
- To modify the hierarchy of the objects in “sending behind” or in “bringing in front of” the selected objects.

This menu also exists in the form of a contextual menu which one can post using a right click when the tool “Arrow” is selected.

Menu "Action" - Item "Duplicate and Move..." : To duplicate and move objects :

This command and this dialogue make it possible to carry out multiple duplications with displacements.
Displacements can be done according to a direction, two directions or in circular, it is enough to choose the corresponding panel.
Here, the panel “One direction” is active:
One can is to start with displacement “Moves and duplicates” or to start with duplication “Duplicates and moves”.
Then, it is enough to inform the dialogue by indicating displacement according to X and following y and the number of duplication in the field “time.
One can of course carry out only one displacement.

If the button “Again” is notched, the dialogue is displayed again after the operation. So you can do other displacements.

Menu "Action" - Item " Rotate..." : To rotate selected objects :

With this command and this dialog opposite, you can rotate selected objects with an angle you enter.
Rectangles and ovals are converted to polygons.
You have the choice to carry out rotation for each object separately or all together.

Menu "Action" - Item " Scale..." : - To scale selected objects :

With this command and this dialog opposite, you can scale selected objects with x value and y value.
It is enough to enter the multiplicative values of X and y, and the positions and dimensions of the selected objects will be multiplied by these values.
To reduce the objects, it is enough to enter of the values smaller than 1.
You have the possibility of modifying or not the size of the texts at the same time.

Menu "Action" - Item " Parallels..." : To draw parallels with parameter setting :

This command causes the display of the dialog opposite, which makes it possible to define the direction of the parallels "In/Left " or "Out/Right", their number and their spacing.
The action will apply to all the selected objects.

Menu "Action" - Item "Hatch..." : To hatch objects :

This dialogue makes it possible to define the hatching, i.e., the angle and the spacing of the lines, and if it is about a simple or double hatching (perpendicular lines).
According to the modifications of the parameters, the hatching in the square of the dialogue is updated instantaneously.
As for the other objects, you can then change their attributes, thickness, color, dotted.
RealCADD allows complex hatchings if selected objects overlap. See the example hereafter, the result is obtained with only one Hatch command.
You can also hatch the surfaces delimited by joined lines.

Menu "Action" - Item "Textures..." : To fill objects with texture :

In RealCADD, textures works like hatch, select objects to fill, and choose the texture in this dialog.
Fill complex polygons or splines with complex texture can take some seconds.

Menu "Action" - Item "Cut lines with objetct..." : To cut lines with an object :

This very powerful command makes it possible to cut and remove the portions of lines interior "Cut and delete lines in" or external "Cut and delete lines out" with an object of reference and to prolong the lines on this object, button "with prolongation" notched.
This command can apply either only to the lines selected, or on all the lines.
The object of reference is a rectangle, or an oval, or an arc or a polygon. It must form part of the selection to be selected.
The example below is carried out with the option " Cut and delete lines in ", " Only selected lines " and the option " with prolongation ".

Before                                                                               After

Menu "Action" - Item "Cut lines with lines..." : To cut lines with lines :

With this command which acts only on the lines, one can:
- Cut only.
- Prolong only.
- Cut and prolong.
and do that on :
- all selected lines betwen themselves "All with all".
- or all but only with the last selected "All with last selected".
The lines are only cut with this action.
In the example below, we have doing "Cut and Prolong" and "All with last selected". The thick line is the last selected.

Before                                                        After

This command enables you to divide or cut out the objects selected in parts equal lengths.
Certain objects will be transformed into polygon by this command.

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