The menu "Edit" :

The items of this menu are activated and deactivated according to the context, for example “Cut” and "Copy” are active if at least one object is selected in the drawing, “Paste” and “Paste special…” if objects were copied or cut before,…
This menu allows you:
- to cancel the actions or to remake those which you have just cancelled. The number of cancellation is not limited but is given to zero to each recording.
- to cut, copy, paste or erase the selected objects.
- to do one “Paste special…” (to see whether below).
- but also to select all the objects of the drawing.
- to carry out a special selection, parameterized via a dialogue.
- to define the 10 line weights per defect.
- to define the parameters for the parallel objects.
- to publish and modify the attributes of the 10 preset arrows, the 10 preset dotted lines, the 10 preset hatchings and 10 preset textures.
- to publish and modify the general preferences, those of quotations, the constrained angles and daffichage.
With Mac OS X, the sub-menu “Preferences…” is on its standard site in the menu “RealCADD”.
- and to define the dimension of the drawing.

Menu "Edit" - Item "Paste special..." :
The command “Paste” simple place objects contained in the clipboard on the active layer to the same co-ordinates as their initial co-ordinates.

The command “Paste special…” with this dialogue, offers more possibilities to you.
You can carry out joining with the position of the mouse by choosing the point of anchoring. This point of anchoring relates to the rectangle including all the stuck objects and it can be the point high-left, high-right, low-left, low-right or center.
Instead of sticking the objects on the active layer, you can choose to stick them on the of the same layer name than their layer of origin and to possibly create this layer if there does not exist. If not, the objects coming from an unknown layer will be stuck on the active layer.

Menu "Edit" - Item "Select special..." :

This command causes the display of the dialog opposite.
Here, you can define a selection with many criterion working on all types of objects or only on some and possibly according to certain attributes of the objects.
This selection can be doing on all objects of the drawing or with the mouse, and by deselect objects before or by adding to first selection.

Menu "Edit" - Item "Line's thickness..." : To edit the 10 thicknesses of preset lines:
This command causes the display of the dialog opposite.
You can change here the default values the line weights accessible directly in the local menu from the pallet “Attributes”.

Menu "Edit" - Item "Parallel..." :
This command causes the display of the dialog opposite.
You define the parameters of the parallels here:
- notch the buttons “Parallel inside/left” and “Parallel outside/right” according to what you wish;
- indicate the number of parallel and the desired distance from shift;
These parameters will apply to the parallel tool and the drawing tools used with the key “Alt”.

Menu "Edit" - Item "Arrow..." : To edit the 10 preset arrows :

This command causes the display of the dialog opposite.
Here, you can edit and modify the preset arrows. In the top of the dialog, RealCADD display the 10 preset arrows. Below, you have the data of the selected arrow, here the first. To display the data of an arrow, clic on it.
For the first two types, empty round and full round, you fix the diameter of the round.
For the three following, arrow, plain arrow and inclined line, you indicate the angle and the length of the line. The corresponding editfields are made visible and accessible after selection from one of the 3 corresponding buttons.
After you have modify the data of an arrow, you must valid with the button "Apply".
To close the dialogue, click on the button “Close”.

Menu "Edit" - Item "Dotted lines..." : To edit the 10 preset dotted lines :

Here, you can edit and modify the preset dotted lines.
Clic on the dotted lines of wich you wish to change the data.
Its data fit in the editfields.
Validate the modifications with the button " Apply ".
To close the dialogue, click on the button “Close”.

Menu "Edit" - Item "Hatch..." : To edit the 10 preset hatch :

Here, you can edit and modify the preset hatch.
Clic on the hatch of wich you wish to change the data.
Its data fit in the editfields.
Validate the modifications with the button " Apply ".
To close the dialogue, click on the button “Close”.

Menu "Edit" - Item "Textures..." : To edit the 10 preset textures :

Here, you can edit the preset textures.
Choose one texture into the 10 and clic on Edit.
RealCADD open automatically a new drawing window with the texture.
A texture is a set of lines (only) repeat with an horizontal and vertical increment. This increment is drawing as a grey rect in the drawing window of texture.
In RealCADD texture data are stored with double real. So in RealCADD, textures are more precises than in other CAD software.
Fill complex polygon with complex texture can take some seconds.

Menu "Edit" - Item " Preferences...", for Windows and Linux
and menu "RealCADD" - Item "Preferences" for Mac OS X : Edition of the preferences
Via a dialog with tabs (4), making it possible to fix the various preferences :

Here the general parameters:
- the measuring unit used for the drawing : you have the choice between km, m, cm, mm, pixels, feet and inches.
- precision of display, number of figure after the comma of the co-ordinates of the objects.
- the unit of the angles.
- You can ask that RealCADD displays the unit chosen on the pallet of edition.
- And you can modify the step of the grid taken into account for the grid attraction.
- If "Display page break" is checked, like here, RealCADD will draw the limits of the drawing as well as the page break of printer.
- You can then choose the drawing mode, between clic and drag or clic and clic.
- and the line's style, between round pen or not.


Here, preferences of quotations :
- Display of the unit in the dimensions.
- Length of the lines of recalls, L1, L2 and L3.
- Choice of the type of line of recall: all the same length " L2 fixed " or well with the same distance from the objects " L3 fixed ".
- The type of the arrows used for the lines of quotations, drawing under " Arrows ". If you clic on the drawing, you cause the display of a floating pallet allowing for choice of to you another arrow, among the 10 preset ones.
- the unit of the quotation which can be different from that selected in the general preferences.
- the number of figure after the comma.
- the font and the size of text.
- the line's thickness.
- and the tolerances.

Here, you indicate at RealCADD the constraints angles for the tool "Constrains lines" or the other tools with the key Shift down on Mac or the key < > on PC.
When you move objects with the mouse, you can have constraint move with the same key down.

Here, you specify the preferences of display.
- Display of the unit in the title of the pallet of edition.
- Display of the rules and the grid.
- Choice of the options of the grid, into dotted or not, color of the features of the grid, spacings in X and Y.
- Display of the pages of impression.

- Use of Quartz for the drawing (Mac OS X only).
- Display of the reticle of the mouse (= horizontal and vertical axis) during the use of the drawing tools.
- Display of drawing of the reticle.
- Display of the assistances (helptags) for Windows and Mac OS X.

Menu "Edit" - Item "Drawing size..." : To edit the drawing size :

This dialog allow you to fix the size of your drawing.
RealCADD mention the size of the printing page.
There is two way to define the drawing size :
- In absolute, with dimensions that who enter.
- Or in relation to the printing page, by enter the number of page you want with a * before. Here we will have a drawing of 3*2 pages.
You can change the drawing size also when the drawing is begun.

The menu Action of RealCADD