The menu "File" :


It is the menu standart:
- to open, close, record files,
- to manage the printing,
- and to leave the program under Windows or Linux.

The “new” menu makes it possible to choose between a new plan or a new book. The “plan” mode is the traditional mode. The mode “Book” makes it possible to manage a drawing as you would manually do it with a book or a layer. (See more the detailed explanations)

The menu “Open…”proposes to you the files with the RealCADD format as well as the files with format DXF and DWG (Pro version only).
The menu “Open recent” keeps in memory the last 10 open files and allows you to open them again without seeking them.

The menu "Import a picture..." enables you to incorporate Bitmap images in your drawings.

The menu “Save as...” has a sub-menu because RealCADD can record in its format, in Postscript, DXF and DWG (Pro version only) and in Bitmap format (nonvectorial) if QuickTime is installed.
With certain old tracers accepting the Postscript files, the recording in Postscript can make it possible to obtain better printings.

The menu “To convert…” (version Pro only) allows you to convert all the RealCADD files of a file, in files DWG, only once.


The sub-menu "Other..." proposes, if QuickTime is installed, the following choice :

For recording as image, RealCADD proposes to you the choices available via QuickTime if it is installed.
If not you can record with the format bmp.
The image created is adjusted at the rectangle including the objects of the drawing plus a margin of 5 pixels and by taking account of the zoom of posting.

If you want to have images of better definition to incorporate them in a Texte document having to be printed for example, create by posting your drawing with a zoom x2 or x4 then reduce of as much once inserted in your document. The impression will be of better quality.

The menu Edit of RealCADD