RealCADD Handbook


RealCADD is a vector based Computer Assisted Drawing program.
RealCADD works in the same way on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
The menus, the windows, the tools are the same ones.

Although distributed in shareware, RealCADD has functions identical to certain sold much expensive commercial programs.
For example, automatic attractions, quotations, a module of reading and writing DXF and DWG for the version Pro, hatching and even hatching combined several objects, vectorial textures, dotted lines that RealCADD manages uninterrupted on the length developed of the rectangles and polygons and not only of top with top, multiple duplication, the cut and/or prolongation of lines, the layers and configurations of layers, of the rules with modifiable origin…

In order to minimize the obstruction of the surface of work, RealCADD deploys and closes again automatically certain pallets according to the context while others open only when they are flown over by the cursor.

General sight of the workspace of RealCADD with all the deployed pallets:

and closed :

Rapid seen of RealCADD...

Menus in détail...

Pallets of RealCADD...

Also, of course, I count on you to pay your contribution of 95$ for the Standart version or 135$ for the Pro version via Kagi.
Thus, RealCADD will be able to continue to progress.

Like all the software, RealCADD is distributed in the state, without any guarantee of any kind.
But I commit myself making all my possible to correct possible the bugs and to take into account your requests for new functions.

Thank you.